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Hello, we are Pooxtra.

We make power inverters, essential AC power source on the go.
We make what we love.
We love what we do. 
We work hard to make it better and better. 


We believe people get panicky when there is a power outage, and the demand for backup power system is huge. People often complain about not feeling good at quality .It's not that durable, practical and affordable.

We founded Pooxtra to make DC to AC power inverter as simple as wall power that you can use it anytime for peace of mind. We give up using traditional dated technology and with our important milestone of  patented MASTERsine and xPLUS power inverters, we have much to be proud of .


We launched with MASTERsine series, a pure sine wave power inverter with different option of output wattage, it delivers the ultra-clean AC power just as same as your household wall power. It's designed by microprogrammed control unit (MCU) with LED display for better commanding . And what's more, the MASTERsine pure sine wave inverter features with wired remote control in 9.8ft length, and dual USB 5V 4.2A port for charging your mobile phone, iPad, iPhone etc. 

We are going to launch another brand new series, xPLUS , which outputs modified sine waveform, it's stylish and affordable for people who don't use inverters more often .It features with 4 AC receptacles ,dual USB ports ,wired remote control , and MCU LED display as well.  xPLUS is quite useful for those non-sensitive appliances .

Technology will come and go. Our ambition is no less than to change the very way people create. Keep powering the world uninterruptedly.


Great products begin with great people. These are the values we strive to achieve:
Market-based Innovation. 
We understand the demands of evolving markets, creating products for today while cultivating future opportunities.
Passion for Solutions. 
We believe our success lies in solving problems to enable freedom, productivity, and a healthy environment.
Application Flexibility .
We build upon a breadth of technology know-how for an expanding world of power opportunities.
Raising the Standard. 
Our continuous dedication to excellence drives our ability to exceed commitments and lead the market.
Shared Success. 
Our business creates shared opportunities for the mutual benefit of customers, strategic partners, employees, and shareholders.


Pooxtra's manufacturing base is located in Far East Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia) with sales and fulfillment in Flushing of New York City. Our team encompasses design, engineering, business development, community management, and more.We’re currently seeking candidates worldwide for the following positions:
• Territory Sales Rep – Los Angels, CA, USA
• Territory Sales Rep – New York, NY, USA
• Territory Sales Rep –Berlin, Germany
• Territory Sales Rep –London, UK
• Sales Copyright Editing – Homework or Part-time job ,Worldwide
• Internet SEO - Homework or Part-time job ,Worldwide
• Social Network Promoting - Homework or part-time job ,Worldwide 

Please send email to if you are interested in the above job positions.