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How customer say-1000W Novopal PSW

It's always nice when you receive a new item and it better then you expected. The Novopal is one that falls into this catogory. After I received the unit I hooked it up to make sure it works. I recommend doing this for all inverters. I once purchased one for emergency use and put it away. When I needed it a year later it did not work. I also just returned another brand that also did not work out of the package. Not the case with this unit, it functioned perfectly. I like the fact that it can be mounted or carried around as a portable. The blue screen is very readable and indicates both DC input voltage and AC output voltage. This is nice right of the bat because you know the unit is working before you plug anything in and you don't need a meter to check the output. In addition, it indicates the status of you battery (amount of charge) and sine wave. The unit quiescent draw is about .1~.2 amps with no load. So leaving it on will not present much draw on you batteries. I had no way at this time of checking the quality of the sine wave output except to say it has to be better than a modified wave form. I created no notable noise on my Ham Radio Equipment.
Now what would make it even better. I would like to have had a remote switch that use an RJ45 connector, this is one like on your phone cord. It would not pull out and would present a lower profile that would not be bent over if hit. I would also have like a better remote switch with a built in indicator light. In remote operation their is no visual indication the unit is on. Next, with this fancy display the output load indicated in watts would be most useful, reliving you of the math burden when using the unit even though it is overload protected. Last, it would be nice to include a fuse and fuse block or better yet, circuit breaker in the package. For a few buck more you would be ready to go with just one order and one package.
My last comments for the user, inverter cables are expensive, car jumper cables are not. Buy a set and a couple of ring terminals and save a bunch.

MANUAL CORRECTION: Please note...In section V of the manual "selecting batteries". They talk about adding more batteries "IN SERIES", but describe the actual connections made in "PARALLEL". DO NOT CONNECT ADDITIONAL BATTERIES IN SERIES" this would create a DC over voltage condition. They must be connected as described + to + and - to -. This is a PARALLEL connection which will double the Amp Hour rating and leave the voltage at 12 volts.

I have owned several inverters over the years, both modified and pure sine wave, and know that often, the higher priced units are pieces of trash. I'm pleased with this unit so far. I put a ten amp resistive load on it today and it would only power it for a few seconds before tripping off. Resistive loads are really hard on any inverter, so I'm not discouraged at all. I was impressed by all the cables, clamps, adaptors and so on that came with the unit. All I had to supply was a battery. It's almost as if the folks that packaged this actually have some experience with inverters! A lot of info that techos like me look for just aren't listed with the instructions given, but I'm ok with that. The input and output voltages on the display are pretty much accurate, The sine wave on the screen is a decal folks---this unit does not have an O scope built into it! I haven't loaded it to the point the cooling fans kick in, but I assume they work. Fuses on the exterior is a nice feature. Overall, I like it a lot. It does produce RFI on my ham radios though, but it's hard for an inverter not to. Overall I'm very pleased, will report again if the unit goes south.

very good! I powered my 55" tv, home theater and desktop computer and modem.
also my light and cordless phone.
I'm using 4 deep cycle batteries, this set up will be my back up system when the power goes out.
The inverter is very quiet! I highly recommend this inverter

The picture should be changed for the 120 volt receptacles to show that they are for the United States and not for another country.

Pleased with its performance so far thank you very much.

We have used this inverter so far a week and I am impressed with its performance.
So far so go.

This is great. Especially for the price. Well built, love the very visible display of output and input voltage, love the handle and portability, doesn't need to be permanently installed. Reliable, even ran an 1100 watt microwave until my circuit breaker blew, and it still works just fine, fans kicked in to cool it. (be sure to add a 150 Amp circuit breaker or fuse to the hot (positive) input lead. I've run hotplates, toasters, and a smaller 700 Watt microwave with no problems.

Appears well made. LCD is clear and provides good information. Unit is quiet at rated power. Would buy another.

I have tried 3 different "True sign wave inverters"
And when connected up, my mouse bounces all over the screen. Very annoying!
But this Inverter it CAN'T tell the difference between wall power and inverter power.

Works great. Been Using it on our RV to run a LED TV and DVD player at night.

i lick it

So far so good, appears to do what it says.

exactly as advertized