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Owners manuals, data sheets, catalogs can be found here.

The Document Library is a one-stop download repository


Download Our Product Datasheets

to learn each model's specifications and product features

-Data Sheet : PXA2000PSW MASTERsine 2000 Watts Pure Sine Wave Inverter /(English)  

-ficha técnica :Inversor de onda sinusoidal pura PXA2000PSW MASTERsine 2000 Watts /(Español) 

-Data Sheet : PXA1000PSW MASTERsine 1000 Watts Pure Sine Wave Inverter /(English) 

-ficha técnica :Inversor de onda sinusoidal pura PXA1000PSW MASTERsine 1000 Watts /(Español) 

Download Installation Guides and Mounting Size

for better understanding how to mount our power inverter 

-Installation Guides : Available for Pooxtra MASTERsine & xPLUS Power Inverter  (English)

-Mounting Dimensions : for Pooxtra MASTERsine  #PXA1000PSW Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter  (English)

Download User Manual

the user manual comes with each package of Pooxtra power inverter

-User Manual : Pooxtra Power Inverter  for Model number (#PXA500/1000/1500/2000/3000)  (English&Español)