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🔸REVIEW NO. AMZ001 ✳ASIN: B00GWCEZ60 ✳ BRAND : Renogy ✳ FBA(VE) 

Renogy 1000W 12V Off-Grid Pure-Sine Wave Battery Inverter w/ Cables


Can this power a refrigerator

If it is a very small refrigerator maybe. The running part isn't the big issue, the start up amps or watts is higher and may not start properly causing big problems. It takes almost 3 times more watts to start up than running. You can look on the information of your refrigerator and evaluate it.By Mstr Don on January 3, 2018

What is high voltage cut off?

Unfortunately I don’t know off hand, but you can look up the specs on renogy.comBy Charlie on November 21, 2017

Hi. can i recharge this device with my honda eu2000i generator? and how many hours can i used for a 70w and a 150w tv?

I use a battery charger to charge my system when it is cloudy outside. Your TV use depends on the size batteries you are using, AH rating, too many variables for me to help you with?By mike perdue on October 29, 2017



Good batteries, Xcellente Solar 

By kim j curtis on November 10, 2017Size: 1000 W 

lasted 4 months. Good batteries, Xcellente Solar, Draw less than 500 watts at a time. Over heat warning went off and I disconnected it immediately. Every time I power up the alarm goes off. Renogy will not honor their warrentee. Give you a serious runaround from warrentee and customer service. Stay away from these crooks and this lousey product !!!

Sketchy (at best) USB port. 

By Andy on October 31, 2017Size: 1000 W|Verified Purchase 

The USB port looked a little sketchy upon arrival. After instillation in our camper van I was not surprised to find out that the USB port does not work. Poor quality product all around. Would not recommend.

Hello Andy,Thank you for your feedback, we do apologize for the inconvenience, please rest assured that this is not a common problem for this inverter and would like a chance to troubleshoot the inverter and replace the inverter if necessary. Thank you again, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Does not work and Renogy will not exchange or refund 

By fniceo on September 4, 2017Size: 1000 W|Verified Purchase

Does not work and Renogy will not exchange or refund.

Hello fniceo,The only way we would not replace, is if the item was outside the warranty time frame, or if the item is being used outside of its intended purposes.-Renogy

Unit failed quickly and company response was zero! 

By D. Jones on March 27, 2017Size: 1000 W|Verified Purchase 

I had this unit in storage as my backup for about 18 months. Then I got it out and installed it. I tested it on a minimum load for a couple hours and it seemed to work fine. About a week ago my power went out again and I used it with about a 500 watt load and it lasted about a 1/2 hour and then burned up and quit it sits there and beeps. I contacted the company and let them know what happened and they didn't even respond to my email.

Kongchen 3 months ago 

Same thing happen to me, I called Renogy and of course they are useless. I try to buy the fuse but no shop, ebay, or amazon have fuse with the right Amp size. When I called Renogy about the fuse, they said they stop making the model so they no longer sell the fuse. When I got pissed and ask them why they are still selling the device if they no longer sell the fuse, they told me they will call me back, of course they never call me back. That was the last time I will buy anything from Renogy again.

Amazing Customer 4 months ago (Edited)

Renogy has been quite fair in my return. However, IF you open up the inverter case with it unplugged, you CAN replace the fuses with regular car type flat blade fuses using the same amperage rated fuses. What I did, was open the inverter, took note of the size Amp fused & their placement on the circuit board, and then put this info on a sticker on the outer case of the inverter for future references. Renogy will not tell you that though. This is your only option if your inverter is beyond the 30 days return, IF you don't want to wait for a return, or wait for the warranty repairs & the hassle of waiting. I wish, Renogy would be fair and tell people this, OR provide the information within their product manuals OR re-engineer their inverters for any owner of product to do simple fuse replacement like on many other "quality" electrical & electronic products. It is NOT that hard, and, I did this myself. The heck with a warranty.

To be entirely fair, their inverters are of great quality and performance. The fuse issue, is a monster that needs to be dealt with properly and professionally by Renogy.

WG 8 months ago

Did Renogy ever resolve your issue?

Renogy Solar 9  months ago

I do apologize if we were unable to respond to your email. We do pride ourselves with our customer service and we will be happy to help you out with any issues you have. I recommend to give our technical support line a call at 909-517-3598 ext 3 as we will troubleshoot your system with you over the phone. If we deem your inverter as being defective, and you are still within our warranty, we will be happy to replace your unit free of charge. 

 I hope we have the chance provide you with our excellent customer service and change your mind about Renogy!

 Best regards,

 Renogy Solar

2 STAR ★★

Unit failed quickly and company response was zero!