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We believe people need backup power or on-the-go power to run essential AC appliances. Whether people go camping or have a RV trip or come across power outages at home , extra AC power system is essential . Our name Pooxtra originates from the words "Power Extra" that sound alike with the aim of striving to get rid of people's panic by providing excellent DC to AC power inverter products . Pooxtra is owned and operated by Patrick ZHANG, the Senior Power Electronic Engineer with a small group of designers, engineers being filled with enthusiasm and creativity. In 2016, our first online store opened at and we worked hard to stock the finest power inverter from our Far East manufacturing base to North Amercia countries. Since then, we've expanded to have more online shops at, and Shopify. We have also increased our breadth of services as a power inverter manufacturer and distributor of inverter charger and solar power goods.  


Our first product series called MASTERsine (1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W), is an important milestone of pure sine wave power inverter's industry. We abandoned our attempt to adopt traditional solution due to high defective rate .We know clearly how these defective products might happen, the root cause of the problem comes from the internal working temperature. Very few companies in this industry can lower down the internal core components' operating temperature, the higher temperature it is , the shorter lifespan . We ,as an industry pioneer, dramatically lower it from 212℉to 176℉that enables our power inverter working flawlessly with lower defective rate, longer lifespan.

Since then, our second product series called xPLUS ,which is a modified sine wave inverter, will be launched very soon . We make it durable, practical and affordable as an essential backup power system for every family . You can find the difference between pure sine and modified sine inverter from our website. The modified sine inverter has been used broadly in an economic manner although it doesn't work very well for sensitive loads . 
The biggest advantage of our xPLUS modified sine inverter is its excellent loads capability. By our modern MCU technology ,it can handle lots of appliances as many as it could .With our patented LTT (low temperature technology), the xPLUS performs quite well in different possible scenarios. 

"Tech-based power system is an important part of people's daily essentials, we must waken people to the dangers for the low quality power inverter. Pooxtra is an announcer, it's time to say goodbye to those shixxy deals, all of us need a durable ,practical but affordable backup power supply systems. As far as I’m concerned, we dont' produce but create a power inverter. " - Patrick ZHANG

For us, it’s an exciting continuation of our mission; one we're looking forward to sharing with you.   

The extra power you can rely on.


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