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Low Frequency Power Inverter

What Is A Low Frequency Power Inverter? When Do You Need It? 

  • Low-frequency inverters have the advantage over high-frequency inverters in two fields: peak power capacity, and reliability.
  • Low-frequency inverters are designed to deal with higher power spikes for longer periods of time than high-frequency inverters.
  • Low-frequency inverters operate using powerful transformers, which are more reliable and sturdy than the high-frequency inverter’s MOSFETs, which use electronic switching and more prone to damage, particularly at high power levels.
  • Low-frequency inverters are not ideal for everyone; they’re very large and are considerably heavier than high-frequency inverters, and would be best suited for those who either are building an off-grid power system with no significant power restrictions, or who run powerful appliances and devices with electric motors like power tools, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners.

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