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Some Useful Troubleshooting Guides to Help Ensure Your Inverter Installed Correctly

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Inverter Installation Quick Tips to Maximize your Inverter's Performance


You are happy that you buy a new power inverter and you want to install an inverter, but perhaps you've had some problems and not sure if it's a faulty unit or a simple installation problem ? Hence, you absolutley need a detailed troubleshooting guides which help ensure your inverter to be installed correctly.

Let us tell you what it is you want and try and sort out a problem you have. You need to grasp some basic troubleshooting tips to install your inverter correctly.Evidently success in this area will save time and potentially money associated with having to engage a support technician for unnecessary repairs.

Warm remind
First of all, before you take any actions further when working with electrical devices, you must always be sure that the circuit is powered off during your entire installation process. If you are not skillful and feel uncomfortable with this task then please just leave it to the specialist .

Some points you'd better know
When an inverter ,if for any reason, turns out to be not working as it should be, please just simply understand that these types of products don't "kind-of" fail, normally nothing will work or at least one of the features simply won't work uniformly.

Let's get started to look through the strategies to install your power inverter successfully.

1. Change your settings back to factory defaults

Factory default settings are the values that allow the inverter to work in different kinds of environments. While you may not want these settings to factory default in the long run, it's ideal for a quick test. After finishing the test you can easily readjust the settings to meet your needs. Check the settings carefully until the problem is identified.

2. Disconnect AC loads

Taking this action may get rid of the installation as a possible cause of the problem. Meanwhile, disconnect the battery and then reconnect, in order to reboot the inverter’s processor.

3. Power up your inverter

If this works then reconnect your loads again one by one.

4. Watch the input DC voltage at the inverter

Make sure the voltage stays within the DC voltage range of the inverter. This eliminates the possibility that an ineffective circuit are caused from the battery . If the voltage is erratic, trace the cause of the erratic voltage and fix it, and then get back to the inverter.

Remember: inverters don’t produce energy; they simply convert what they’re given. If you have a combination inverter/charger,and the inverter doesn’t work, but the charger is humming along fine, then check the DC voltage at the inverter when inverting to gauge whether it is within the inverter’s DC range. If the inverter works, but the charger is problematic, then check the AC input voltage at the inverter and ensure it is within the inverter’s AC range. With a sound read of what the unit is receiving, you can eliminate most causes of perceived failure.

 Final Troubleshooting Reviews

  1.  For the most part, inverters either work or don't work. 
  2.  From our experiences and stats based on big data that more than 80% of inverters that are returned have actually no problems at all . The problem in at least 20% of the returns correlate directly to faulty installations.
  3. A loose connection is the main issue when erratic behavior, or inconsistent problems are concerned . While it’s not easy to find them,it’s worth the time and the effort.
  4. You'd better to have a quality volt-meter . It may pay off in eliminating shipping and diagnostic bench time at the service center that is unnecessary.
  5. Safety first! Power off when working with circuits. Use one hand only when working with wiring. If you’re not qualified, we suggest you to hire a qualified electrician.




Please remember that inverters are nothing more than an appliance that does what it’s told to do. Without right instructions it likely will not perform to your expectations. Take the time to ensure installation correctly in order to maximize your inverter's excellent performance ! Then, you will enjoy your using experience and your feeling about shopping it .

For more questions about installation , you can look for answers here !

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